Ann is a popular guest presenter at universities, mind/body/spirit centers, and conferences across the country. She’s  also taught hundreds of creative workshops for teens and adults of all ages and abilities. Many of her workshops offer CEU credits and can be tailored to fit your program needs. A partial list of these centers and universities include:



Omega Institute


School of Osteopathic Medicine at UMNDJ

University of Santa Cruz

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

Psychotherapy Networked Symposium

Otis College


Beyond Baroque Literary Center

Georgia College

Wesleyan University

Ohio University


Wells College

Yoga Oasis Hawaii

Maya Tulum  Retreat Center

Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

Merrimack Repertory

Empire State College NY

University of Cincinnati College of Nursing

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This is an invitation for you to discover your own unique and powerful story and the profound transformation that occurs when speaking it out loud. You’ll learn to trust your creative impulses, embracing all of who you are.  By becoming the author of your own life and learning how to tell your own story, you will not only learn to craft your experience into a compelling narrative but you will also unleash a sense of purpose in your own life you never thought possible.

Through writing exercises, group discussion, and improvisation we will support one another in creating and speaking our stories. This is a workshop for those interested in personal essay, memoir, solo performance, and self discovery.


Topics include:

  • writing to stimulate memory

  • story structure

  • creating spontaneously

  • writing on our feet

  • overcoming performance anxiety

  • releasing yourself from the inner critic

  • transforming ideas/stories into performance




Sharing Your Life Story from Page to Stage
Write Your Life Through Improvisation
Healing Power of Story
Writing and Mindfulness
Living the Creative Dream
Creating Unforgettable Characters
Painfully Funny:  Finding the Funny in our Darkest Hour
Transform Your Inner Critic(s) into Compelling Characters

These workshops can be formatted for half day, full day, 3 days, one week, one month, and year-long residencies.

Work with Ann one-on-one

Ann is available for private coaching or consultation on your next project. For more details, please contact Ann using this form or email