Hi, I am Ann Randolph.

I am a writer, performer, speaker, teacher and lover of stories.

 I believe the sharing of our stories creates a more beautiful and compassionate world.

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What I Love About Writing/Performing…

I love creating and playing characters, especially the oddballs and misfits.  I love exploring the contradictions within me. I love giving voice to the things that scare me. I love outrageous comedy and  physicality. I love discovering the physical vocabulary of characters. I love hearing laughter. I love the way my feet feel on stage. I love the dance between audience and performer. I love driving fast through the emotional turns, then flipping the feeling. I love extreme exposure. I love how my hometown, Loveland, continues to inspire me. I love listening. I love how humor takes us deep. I love how humor brings the spotlight onto the truth. I love looking at the things that make other people turn away.

What I Love About Teaching…

I love leading writing workshops following my performances – how an audience of strangers becomes a community beautifully holding space for one another. I love watching students. I love watching them face their fears and move through it. I love hearing students say “I’ve never shared that before,” “I never want to stop,” “I stayed up all night writing,” “I’m on fire.” I love encouraging students to return to places they couldn’t look at before. I love unapologetic writing. I love seeing a student who lives in their head discover they have a body. I love the feeling that there is no other – when stories are shared in the circle. I love to witness the beauty of the profane and the sacred. I love the essence of humanity that comes forth in every story I have ever heard. I love the infinite possibilities residing in each of us.