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 Working Writer’s Retreat


February 16th-23rd

North Shore Kauai

This week is for diving deep into your creative project  surrounded by a community of life minded artists. This retreat is designed for students who need more time and space to  work independently  while being  inspired and supported by the group energy.

limited to 12 students.

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If you’re looking to dig deeper into your writing and  seek more focused time with invaluable feedback, then the Working Write’s Retreat is for you. 


You struggle with making time to write

You can’t get into “the zone” long enough to actually create anything of substance

You know you have something meaningful to share

You want to find a group of like-minded creatives to hold you accountable and support your work

You want 1-1 insightful guidance from a master teacher and performer.

If this sounds like you, then gift yourself the working writer’s retreat.


The Structure…

We will start on Sunday the 16th by setting our intentions for the week.

Each morning we will gather at 9am for sharing and  then head to our nook in the house where we will work independently until12:30pm. 

You may choose to write on the porch overlooking the ocean, a comfy couch, desk, the lanail overlooking the mountains or sprawl out on the floor with your notes everywhere.  

At 12:30 we will break for lunch.  You may bring your lunch with you, cook something up at the house or go to a nearby restaurant.

We will gather again from 2:30pm-5pm  to work independently while being in the company of others committed to their projects.

The afternoon sessions are optional as you may feel you want to head to the beach, sight-see or rest.

In the evening, we will gather again for a writing share and check in on our process and progress.

_The growth and understanding that result are completely worth it._ (3).jpg

One-on-One sessions

Ann will be available to offer 20 minute sessions every other day to each student.  She will be leading the daily morning and afternoon sessions and will be giving feedback along with the other students.



The workshop will culminate with a reading and/or performance of your work on Saturday night.

Sunday morning will be final 1-1’s at the St. Regis Hotel.

There will be an evening cookout on the beach on Tuesday night and a dinner on Friday night. Both of these are complimentary. 

Complimentary, Teas, Snacks, Fresh Furit  and Coffee will be served all day.



_The growth and understanding that result are completely worth it._.jpg

What people are saying… 


"I value every second of every moment I have spent in Ann’s workshops.  She has brought inspiration and light into my world as an artist I didn’t know existed. For that I will be forever grateful.  Without her I wouldn’t have written my play, it wouldn’t have been produced at two highly regarded theaters in LA, nor would I have had a dreamlike run at an Off-Broadway house in New York, and I wouldn’t be in talks with a “very big” MAJOR publishing house and a notable Literary Agent about any of this - if it hadn’t been for her - her talent, genius and generous guidance."

Michael Bonnabel,

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“Ann Randolph is a magnificent teacher. That’s why I’ve returned to study with her again and again. I’m a seven-time published author and I teach writing all over the world—and Ann is my go-to teacher. Every time I study with her, she jumpstarts my writing, helps me tap into my deepest material, and pushes me right over the edge of my comfort zone—exactly where I want to be because that’s where the creative jewels are found."

Laura Davis, Santa Cruz, CA,

“My week in Ann Randolph’s workshop was simply incredible. She is an exquisite teacher. Skilled, compassionate, funny, inspirational. So talented! So creative! Perfection in an instructor. We had the joy of watching her perform her hilarious new show, Inappropriate In All the Right Ways, one evening at Hollyhock. What a gift! She is a wickedly funny comedienne who was able to drop in and bring a depth and humanity to her characters which was deeply moving. My work took on a new depth and I began to feel that I might be able to actually write this play. I can say with a full heart that her workshop changed my life.”

Michelle Martin,

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"To work with a master of her craft is rare, for she has wisdom and patience, humor and honor, irreverence and fearlessness all in her toolkit; Ann Randolph keeps company with the Muse, in cornerside joints as well as pristine beaches; her  Inspirational Artistry - whether she is performing or inviting the artist in you to com out and play -   is an alchemical experience. She employs a grounded yet fluid,  seasoned skill set to help you soar."

Kate Brenton, educator + lomilomi practitioner

“A retreat with Ann is always a gift. The sprouting of relationship within the group - from stranger to the fullness of friendship - is quite beautiful. I think that it is because of Ann that this happens. She is the gardener. As she provides the conditions that we need to bloom, we do, indeed bloom. She is real in a world where that is not easy to find. Her spirit...the essence of who she is...bonds us, her students, to one another. There is a proverb that says “The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet perfume and incense.” You will find that heartfelt counsel at a workshop, with Ann.

Jennifer T. Roberts, writer

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“This workshop in Kauai has opened my heart and shifted my entire being toward alignment and wholeness. Ann creates and holds space that is both safe and creatively charged ~ it’s a curious space, curiously safe, to the point that you can’t catch up with your subconscious as it surfaces through old and hardened armouring, and gently shows you what you might need to see in order to become lighter and more authentic. Wow. I could never have imagined this experience happening in one week. I am so grateful for this unique opportunity: to practice breaking through those old fears and express!!! Revealing and feeling my true feelings and then transferring them onto paper has made my writing more real and more raw, and the process of writing has become more engaging and purifying."

Carly Papagiannis, songwriter

"Before meeting Ann I was figuratively and literally lost; she gave me the platform for self-discovery and enabled the growth of my creativity, spirituality, and self-belief."

Michael Montondon, Student

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Your Host, Ann Randolph

Ann is considered one of the most gifted and innovative writer/performers in the U.S. Her Ovation Award winning solo show, Squeeze Box, was produced Off Broadway by Mel Brooks. Ann received “Best Solo Performer” by the LA Weeklyand SF Weekly for her current show, LOVELAND. Her personal essays have been featured on NPR, BBC, and PBS. She teaches and tours at Esalen, Kripalu and theaters throughout the country.


Price: $1,000

Tuition covers writing workshop, one-on-one sessions, complimentary refreshments, an evening cook-out on the beach.

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You may receive a tuition refund, minus a $300 deposit, if it’s 60 days before the retreat start date. After 60 days, there will be no refund. Other options are to sell your spot to another workshop attendee if there is a wait list or you may gift your space to a friend.