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“Ann Randolph is as gifted a teacher as she is a performer and writer. She is CLEAR, FUN, AND ENCOURAGING.  She is keen and intuitive in her feedback to each student, and holds a wonderful safe container, while challenging us in just the right way. I had a fantastic and powerful week. I LEFT FEELING HIGHLY INSPIRED in my writing and performing, and with a bag of useful tools.  Everyone in the group seemed to feel tremendous closeness.  Ann is a group leader extraordinaire; I highly recommend her workshops.”   

— Julie Oak


“After forty years, Ann provided the INSIGHT, GUIDANCE, AND SECURITY for me to probe and share the depths of my self so necessary to writing a memoir.”   

— Michael Bashista


“The moment I saw Ann Randolph on stage in Loveland back in 2009 and then learned she taught “Write Your Life” workshops, I knew I wanted to study with her. . . . Ann’s work is not just in her head, but in her body, sounds and movements through hilarious characters. SHE’S THE REAL DEAL. . . . She shows the complexities and contradictions of the human existence. Finally, she comes from a healing place. I knew I’d be ultra safe in her workshops to share the real and truthful stuff in all my first drafts.”   

— Ally Stinchfield


“Taking [Ann’s] workshops feels like coming home. . . . IT WAS AWESOME. I showed up wondering what am I going to get from this. . . . But I showed up anyway and the value I feel I received is multi-layered and faceted. Emotional growth, release and spiritual awareness. A further deepening of my ability to tell and face my version of the truth of my life experiences. And coming out FEELING REJUVENATED AND EXCITED to be a part of something bigger than my story. Not to mention the new friendships that have come as a direct result of this workshop. Fucking awesome!”   

— Claire Dunlap


“There is no way you can leave [Ann’s] workshop without being altered . . . for the better, of course. It is a TRANSFORMATION, and it does not matter if you are a performer, a medical school student, a retired attorney, 20 years old, 70 years old, artistically experienced, brand new to your creativity: you will DISCOVER THE BEST PART OF WHO YOU ARE and you will get to play with him/her for 2 or 7 or however many precious hours you are in Ann’s workshop for. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway.’ You will never regret it.”   

— Jackie Johansen


“This is unequivocally the smartest use of your time if you even have an inkling that you might want to try [writing and performing]. . . . Ann is a TREMENDOUSLY GIFTED TEACHER AND ARTIST who shows up for each person completely. With this type of presence, you will be astounded to find: how free you become; what gets articulated; what you perform; how each individual blooms; and how you and your life will transform.”   

— Chopsy Gutt


“Ann’s workshop was one of the best courses I attended at Esalen. Ann managed to create a SAFE AND OPEN ATMOSPHERE from day one, which allowed us to dig up our stories from deep within us and share them in the group. I very much enjoyed the act of writing, sharing our stories, impov, music, dance and talks about storyline and marketing. But most of all I am amazed and grateful at Ann’s generosity and support as a teacher. Not only is she an amazing performer but a wonderful teacher. I felt throughout the week that she truly cared about each one of us finding and telling our stories. Ann is a TRUE ARTIST, TEACHER AND AMAZING WOMAN.”   

— Tara Cunningham


“I have been coming to Esalen since 1974 (Joseph Campbell) and have been part of dozens of workshops. I can say hands down this seminar with Ann has been THE MOST USEFUL, ENJOYABLE, FUN, ENLIGHTENING, UPLIFTING GROUP I’VE EVER HAD. Ann is the most dedicated, organized, FUN, hilarious teacher one can hope for in this lifetime on the planet. Halfway in the week, I started thinking about when Ann will be back at Esalen so that I can sign up again. We were attracted by her story, her energy and were not disappointed in the least.”   

— Lee Forrester


“It was a big challenging for me to take Ann’s workshop as I am not a writer at all and my English is not fluent. But I really appreciate Ann’s KIND AND WARM SUPPORT. I liked writing freely and I enjoyed improvs, moving with the music, which gave me new ideas. Even if my English understanding is not enough, I could feel Ann’s passion and every other student’s passion and I loved the atmosphere of the workshop. Thank you so much.”   

— Kate Vassiliadis


“Ann Randolph’s class restored my faith in my humanity and stimulated my writing to its next level. Her performance skills and ability to teach them is exceptional and riveting. Her COMPASSIONATE AND SENSITIVE APPROACH to teaching and life and art is inspiring and will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Ann.”   

— Sarah Kinikin


“I was shy with trepidation arriving at Esalen- meeting Ann for the first time immediately settled down my inner-critic. I have been doing workshops with some of the best, well known ‘masters’ in the country — Deepak, Tolle, Myss, Kabot-Zinn, Siegel etc.— and can say without question Ann is MASTERFUL AT HER TEACHING SKILLS — having a rare inner beauty, accepting everyone right where they are in their journey. I would return again and again to go to deeper levels, peeling layers with her. I encourage as many people as possible to experience Ann’s amazing gifts.”   

— Susan Nichols


“What surprised me about the course was the amount of personal learning — THE DEPTH OF SELF-DISCOVERY. The ease of tapping into that creative being that has been lurking here all these years. Ann’s style is quite unique in my experience. Ann brings together the facilitators ability to let presence shine through us all, while following a path through an environment where trust for each can flourish.”   

— Craig Tuvvey


10:00 am 5 Day Write Your Life Retreat @ Hollyhock
5 Day Write Your Life Retreat @ Hollyhock
Jul 16 @ 10:00 am – Jul 21 @ 10:00 am
5 Day Write Your Life Retreat @ Hollyhock | British Columbia | Canada
Write Your Life for the Page & Stage Uncover your own unique, powerful story and the profound transformation that occurs when you speak it out loud. Learn to trust your creative impulses and embrace all of[...]
all-day 7 Day Santa Fe Retreat @ Sanctuary of the Stars
7 Day Santa Fe Retreat @ Sanctuary of the Stars
Jul 30 – Aug 6 all-day
7 Day Santa Fe Retreat @ Sanctuary of the Stars | Galisteo | New Mexico | United States
Join award-winning writer/performer Ann Randolph for 7 days of writing and creating in the high desert of New Mexico. This retreat is taking place at the breathtakingly beautiful 30 acre Private Hacienda Linda in Santa[...]
7:00 pm FUNdraiser for OHCA: Inappropria... @ O'Hanlon Center for the Arts
FUNdraiser for OHCA: Inappropria... @ O'Hanlon Center for the Arts
Aug 12 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
FUNdraiser for OHCA: Inappropriate in All the Right Ways @ O'Hanlon Center for the Arts | Mill Valley | California | United States
“…a show like no other! … 100% FUN!…”  — The Huffington Post Award-winning playwright and performer Ann Randolph fuses her trademark irreverent observations with TED-style self-help messaging to create an opportunity for the audience to take the[...]
all-day The Liberating Power of Self-Exp... @ 1440 Multiversity
The Liberating Power of Self-Exp... @ 1440 Multiversity
Aug 13 – Aug 18 all-day
The Liberating Power of Self-Expression @ 1440 Multiversity | Scotts Valley | California | United States
Do you realize that you are a creative force of nature with unique gifts waiting to be expressed? • What if you had the courage to speak the story you are most afraid to tell?[...]
all-day Stories That Heal: Weekend Writi... @ Mission Hospice and Home Care
Stories That Heal: Weekend Writi... @ Mission Hospice and Home Care
Sep 30 – Oct 1 all-day
Stories That Heal: Weekend Writing Workshop @ Mission Hospice and Home Care | San Mateo | California | United States
Full weekend workshop: Saturday, September 30 • 9:30-4:30pm and Sunday, October 1 • 9:30am-4:30pm “As we write, we are both describing and deciding the direction that our life is taking.” – Julia Cameron Learn how to[...]
all-day Writing Retreat in Kauai @ Church of the Pacific
Writing Retreat in Kauai @ Church of the Pacific
Jan 21 – Jan 28 all-day
Writing Retreat in Kauai @ Church of the Pacific | Princeville | Hawaii | United States
Join award-winning writer/performer Ann Randolph for 7 days of writing, creating and outdoor adventures on Kauai’s breathtaking North Shore. A perfect retreat for those seeking to explore memoir, personal essay, solo performance, and self-expression in[...]

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